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Have you ever noticed that in every household or office you have at least one “grump”?  That one person who can turn beautiful sailboats into rusty old jon-boats?  Are you that person?

What happens so often, is that we wake up happy….or for some….not unhappy, and then that ONE thing happens – the stumped toe, the razor cut or THAT phone call.

Maybe you woke up pretty happy but then you get to the office and that person….you know, the one that likes to ruin your day… comes up and says something that just really takes the wind out of your sail.  In that instance, you decide your attitude for the rest of the day.  You can’t move past it.  You decide TODAY will be a BAD day.  You actually say “this day is going to suck”.   REALLY????? Just that one little thing is going to choose your attitude for the rest of your day?

What makes someone become that person?  Is it all the bad things combined that have happened in life to set their belief systems? I believe that some people just like unhappiness.  They don’t feel they deserve more than that.  They wait for that one thing to happen to have an excuse  for who they really want to be that day.  They believe  that is who they truly are.

They are the ones who will hold grudges and can remind you 10 years from now that you said their hair looked bad or their nose has an extra bump in it.  They let those words eat at them and believe me, they will get that nose fixed at some point then blame the pain on the one who said THOSE WORDS.

Two years ago when I had my last surgery, I remember looking down at my scars and suddenly realizing the surgery I was about to have would complete a sailboat design on my belly.  I told my doctor to do his best to keep the incision in the right place so the sailboat would be complete.  I think in some sorted way in my mind, I knew it would be smooth sailing from then on if the sailboat were complete.

Maybe I think differently because of all the surgeries I’ve endured over the years that left so many visible reminders.  Life is more than that.  Those are the things that mold you in to the person you are.  They can mold you in to a beautiful sailboat or a hard, rusty little jon-boat that you have to put so much energy behind to row through the water of life – it is your choice.  IT IS ALWAYS YOUR CHOICE.  No one can make you feel mad, sad, glad or any way you don’t CHOOSE to feel.

It really is all in how you look at life.  You can just have a bunch of ugly scars or instances that define your life and who you get to be today…. or you can have beautiful sailboats that make it smooth sailing.  You can choose your attitude today – no matter what has happened – it is your choice how you let it shape you and how you let it shape this day.

Your attitude is a choice.  Choose to make sailboats.

What Choices Will You Make Today?

  Today when you woke up you made a choice.  You  chose your attitude then you began to make a series of choices that guided your day. At this very moment, you made the choice to read my blog post.  I truly appreciate that. Today, I am going to share with you how I learned the real meaning of choice.

I hope that just one thing I share will add value to your life.  I truly understand the power of choice.  I’ve made some life altering ones  AND I’ve made some pretty stupid ones in my day.

I learned about choice at a very young age.  At only seventeen years old, I became very ill with a debilitating disease called ulcerative colitis.  Now let me tell you….Being a very active teenager did NOT mix well with that disease!!  I was a cheerleader, a model, and in every club imaginable.  Because of my illness I had to choose to give up cheerleading my Sr. year – tough choice.

I was really sick.  Do you know how tough it is for a pizza and soda addict to be told you can only eat mushy food and NO carbonated beverages?  You HAVE to…no, you GET to – because there really is no HAVE TO in life….you GET to learn about choice at that point!!  Do I eat this really yummy stuff and be doubled over in pain in the bathroom? ….and yes…..sometimes I made that stupid choice!!

Fast forward 2 years – I was in college, working for an ad agency and had just married my high school sweetheart…..we won’t discuss THAT choice!!  Six weeks after the wedding I was in the hospital having major surgery to remove my nearly ruptured colon.  For the next five months I fought for my life.  On the third major surgery,  my belly was packed with gauze and left open from stem to stern to heal from the inside out.  I had abscesses that poisoned my whole body, a deflated lung, blood clots, blockages and almost anything else you can imagine that could go wrong. I didn’t eat a solid bite of food for over four months and I had to learn to walk again due to muscle atrophy.  Two weeks after my six month wedding anniversary, I finally walked out of hospital….alive by choice.  At the young age of 19, I fully understood the meaning behind making positive daily choices.

A very wise chaplain visited me almost daily during that five months…Chaplain Bohannon…he’ll never know the difference he made in my life.  You see…. that one day I really thought I had no fight left in me…that day I thought I would choose to give up….he said TODAY you get to make a choice… you can choose to fight for your life and use the gifts and talents God has given you to add value to others….to make a difference in this world…..OR you can choose to give up….just die and take those gifts with you.  But IF you choose life…you’ll have to choose whether to wallow in self-pity for the changes in your body you will live with from now on… or you can choose to add value to others by sharing your faith, your courage and your positive attitude.

Fast forward almost 40 years….you know my choice on the live or die thing….I am here with you today…. and today, I am asking you to help make my choice to add value a reality.  CHOOSE to read my posts with an open mind and willingness to learn and grow.  Choose to post your comments and choose to share the blog posts with your friends and associates if you feel it will add value to them.

Has there been a time in your life or your business you made a difficult choice?

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